How To Download Instagram Photos or Videos?

  • Go to Instagram website.
  • Open the Image or Video that you want to download.
  • Copy the URL of that Image or Video or copy the URL of profile.
  • Paste in the above form.
  • Click Download.

As we all know that there are very few online tools that allow users to perform several actions that are currently unavailable on Instagram itself. Gramsave is one of those ultimate platforms from where you can easily download Instagram images, videos, stories and much more without any hassle. It’s a free platform that offers its excellent services without any limitation that's why you should also try it. You must be aware of this fact that Instagram is one of the widely used social media networks around the world where anyone can share his or her feelings and lifestyle with millions of other people in the form of pictures and videos. So there is a possibility that someone like you might need to download any of these media contents from Instagram just to save it as a memory e or even for educational purposes but unfortunately, there is no official option on Instagram from where I user can download pictures or videos online.

We have created this platform to provide you maximum assistance regarding all these above-mentioned issues. However; the development of this unique platform was not easy as it took years to make complex algorithms at the backend to tackle all the barriers that were restricting the users to download images and videos from Instagram.

Everyone has their justification regarding the reuse of these images as some of you might be looking for some motivation or you love any celebrity that’s why you decided to download a picture from their will be not responsible for any copyright claims later on because our job was to provide you a unique platform where you can download your favorite content for Instagram now rest of the job is all yours regarding the correct or fair use of these images and videos. If you want to use these images or videos in your content then the most appropriate way would be to take permission from the actual owner first or simply give them a credit in your work so that you can avoid all the inconveniences of copyright claims. It was a short introduction of gramsave to make you aware of its purpose. Now let’s discuss the complete overview of this amazing site including its features and services that you will get here for free.

Instagram Photos/Images Downloader

It wasn't easy for us in the beginning while making this excellent tool for our users as there were a lot of restrictions from Instagram. However, after long combine efforts by our expert developers, we have finally been able to create an instagram photo downloader that works super-fast. users have to simply copy the complete link of any particular instagram image that they want to download with gramsave, and then paste its complete link in the search bar above. after clicking the download button the following image will be automatically downloaded in your browser within a few seconds. that’s how simple it is to download an image from instagram with gramsave. you might get an error while downloading any image if it’s from a private instagram profile, so for that, you need to try our instagram private image downloader that will help you to download any Instagram image uploaded on a private profile. While downloading any Instagram image with gramsave, you don’t need to become conscious about its quality because you will get the highest possible image quality after downloading from gramsave automatically so there is no need to worry about it. Fortunately, it’s an only platform on the entire internet on which you won’t be facing any irritating advertisements in the form of popups that can redirect you to unsafe third-party websites having a potential risk of virus.

Instagram Videos Downloader

Instagram has approximately more than a billion active users at this time according to a recent survey that was published on various popular news publications. So there is no doubt in saying that there are millions of unique videos that are uploaded on this platform on daily basis but unfortunately just like an image, there is no official option on Instagram where users can download videos on their devices. Creating the video downloading tool was another big challenge for us at gramsave because it involves a lot of resources that only a technical IT personal can understand and giving it for free was nearly impossible but we finally did it. You can now easily download any of your favorite Instagram videos free by just clicking the download button above after pasting its complete URL using our instagram video downloader. your desired video will be automatically downloaded in your pc after a few seconds in the highest available video quality. our powerful backend servers are working 24/7 to provide you high-speed download despite the length or size, that’s why you will get instant downloads of any Instagram videos depending upon your internet speed.

Instagram Slideshow Downloader

Instagram has huge numbers of active users at this time according to a recent survey especially celebrities and brands. Most of them post multiple images or videos in a single Instagram post but unfortunately just like any random Instagram post, there is no official option on Instagram where users can download all the images and videos of a slideshow post. Using our instagram slideshow downloader now you can now easily download all the images and videos of instagram slideshow post for free by just clicking the download button above after pasting the slideshow post url. all of the images and videos in the slideshow post will automatically be downloaded in your pc after a few seconds in the highest available video quality and you can click download on any of them to save what you like.

Instagram Profile Downloader

It is one of the unique features of because no other platform is offering complete profile downloading services according to our knowledge. We have recently received many suggestions from the valuable feedback of our beloved users that they are having difficulties while downloading Instagram images one by one. We have finally updated our platform to provide you the maximum comfort that’s why with our instagram profile downloader you can easily access all the available content on any instagram profile in the form of list so that you can choose your favorite images from the list and download them once instead of going back to instagram, again and again, to copy links individually. with our complete profile downloader, you can download videos, images, and stories at the same time from any particular profile with just a single click. the purpose of this unique addition to our services was just to provide you with maximum relief because we know that you might be a student or a researcher who wants to download all the relevant content from an instagram profile once instead of involving yourself in a lot more hassle. if you are having any sort of issue or error while using our services then don’t forget to drop us an email.

Instagram Private Downloader

Have you ever heard of downloading content from a private Instagram profile? Well, you might be wrong with your approach because now you can easily download any of your favorite Instagram images, videos and stories from a private Instagram profile. Thanks to for making it possible because it’s hard to sneak into someone’s privacy especially on a well-known social media platform like Instagram. However, until you are not doing anything wrong so it’s permitted to download anything from an Instagram private profile that will be used for any better approach such as for educational presentation. It was not easy to create this technical tool online with limited resources but when there is a commitment then hurdles simply don’t matter. However; you have to be a little bit technical here because download an image or video from the Instagram profile requires its source code that we can be copied after clicking the CTRL+U button on that particular image or video page then long source code will be displayed in front of you. If you are still unable to understand then don’t worry because we have explained the complete process of downloading private content in the description of our instagram private downloader. if you are landed on our homepage then simply click the private downloader from the above navigation bar and read all the instructions carefully.

Instagram Tags Downloader

Instagram hashtags have a very significant role to make anything go viral because they help users to identify any posts from a particular topic with the help of hashtags. However; if you want to know about the tags that are currently going in trend with relevancy to your topic so that you can also increase the reach of your Instagram posts then the best way would be to try our IG tags downloader. You have to simply enter your keywords in the search bar, then within a few seconds; our tool will quickly grab the most relevant tags. Our expert developers have tried their best to make this tool live so that you can use it for free, however; it was still not an easy job because collecting data in bulk from a well-known social media platform like Instagram was a serious challenge. Unlike other platforms that are offering instagram tags downloader, we have built this tool ourselves instead of using any scripts that are most likely to be filled with annoying advertisements that can redirect you to untrusted platforms. at gramsave, we frequently update our tools as there are some regular changes in the instagram algorithm that can disrupt our services.

IGTV Downloader

IGTV is a very popular video application introduced by Instagram in 2018 that allows users to watch and upload longer videos. It’s important to have an Instagram account to use IGTV that’s why you will need to log in with your Instagram account first to access this application. We have received thousands of messages recently at gramsave by our returning users regarding instagram igtv downloader that’s why due to the increasing demand of our users we have finally added this excellent addition to our services for free. with igtv downloader online, you can download any video within few seconds depending upon your local area connection speed. it wasn’t easy for us to develop this tool as it was considered a bit outside from instagram itself because it’s an application, however; we never bothered to care about all the difficulties and gave priority to our users' demand. in return, we demand a fair use of this service that includes avoiding downloading any copyrighted content or if you are downloading with a fair purpose then you should at least take permission from an actual owner of the video to reuse it anywhere else. we at gramsave will not be responsible for any copyright claims.

Instagram Stories Downloader

Instagram stories are in trend right now because it’s a newly introduced feature that allows users to add their stories to their profile in the form of pictures and videos that includes their daily lifestyle. Each day brings a unique story for everyone that’s why if you are also a frequent user of Instagram then you would probably love to share your story too with others. However; there is no official option from Instagram introduced yet where users can download any story in their devices that’s why we have added this unique feature from where you can download stories from Instagram profiles. Celebrities and public figures share their lifestyle with their fans in the form of stories so if you are also a die-hard fan of any celebrity then you must be willing to download their stories too so that you can keep it as a collection in your mobile phone or laptop. It’s quite easy to use our instagram stories downloader, you just have to paste the complete link of any particular instagram story that you want to download with gramsave, then click the download button and wait until the download process is initiated in your browser or download manager.

Instagram Stories Highlights Downloader

You must be familiar with Instagram stories that disappear after 24 hours automatically. However, Instagram has recently introduced an outstanding feature called Instagram stories highlights that allow users to save some of the memorable stories of their profiles and make them public. You can easily combine these stories and create a separate folder for them on your Instagram profile to save them for the future. However; coming back to the topic, currently there is no other platform on the internet right now offering instagram stories highlights downloader that’s why gramsave came up with a unique idea that allows users to save their stories highlights in their devices by downloading them just like any image or a video. it’s also very easy to use as you only have to enter a complete url of your stories highlights in the search bar above and click the download button after selecting the highlights folder. remember, you should make sure that this feature is not being misused by you intentionally or even unintentionally because it’s not allowed to violate anyone’s privacy without their permission. if you have any complaints or suggestions then simply drop us an email with your contact information so that we can provide you maximum possible assistance.

Instagram HD Profile Picture Downloader

Downloading an Instagram profile picture seems to be tough at first while making this tool because everyone has their privacy. However; with our endless efforts, we have been finally able to achieve this goal in the form of an instagram hd profile picture downloader that allows users to download profile pictures of instagram profiles. usually, instagram profile pictures are quite smaller in size and there is no option to resize them. if you want to download someone’s instagram picture in high quality then you are at the right place now. gramsave is a mobile-friendly platform that works quite well in terms of providing high-quality pictures. it’s an entirely free feature that you can use without any limitation however; you need to make sure that you are not misusing this feature. you also need to make sure that you are not downloading any copyrighted content because according to the terms and conditions of gramsave, it’s strictly prohibited to download any copyrighted content that can result in a permanent ban from using this free platform. you can also search manually by typing the instagram account name if you don’t want to switch tabs to copy the urls of instagram profiles.

Instagram Captions Downloader

If you are a regular user of Instagram then you must have come across Instagram comments and captions but unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t let you copy them due to undisclosed reasons. Our expert developers at gramsave have made an outstanding facility that enables users to download their favorite instagram captions for free. moreover, you will also find the best instagram captions and bios at gramsave as we have a collection of more than 2000+ captions from various resources so that you can choose the one you like out of so many choices. an instagram image is incomplete without a beautiful caption because according to a recent survey it was revealed that instagram pictures with captions are more likely to attract user engagements than those with no captions.

Instagram Videos Cutter

You must be amazed to know that you have finally landed on a platform that offers such a unique service that hasn’t been introduced anywhere else. At, you can now cut or trim any Instagram video that can be later used for your projects for free. With our Instagram videos cutter online you can cut a particular portion from any Instagram video online without downloading any heavy video editing tools in your system that requires a lot of CPU resources and software costs. It’s an entirely online feature because all the work will be done by our high-speed servers at the backend, you just have to paste the Instagram video link and give your input about the particular duration including opening and closing time.

Instagram Video to MP3 Converter

Although it’s quite difficult to convert any Instagram video into an mp3 format with a traditional way that requires you to download the video first in your system and then re-upload it to any video converting platform or even any software to change its format. However; with our Instagram to mp3 converter you can easily download any Instagram video in mp3 format by just entering its complete URL in the bar above. Once you have clicked the download button then the rest of the job will be handled by our high-speed servers. Within a few seconds, an automatic download process will be started in your browser. Remember, the downloading or converting speed depends upon the size of the video that you are willing to download with our Instagram mp3 converter.

Why You Should Bookmark

Well, there are plenty of good reasons to keep this platform in the bookmark section of your browser. We have created a quick list of all those features that are not available anywhere else so that you can get a reason to bookmark this page for the future too.

  • offers high-speed downloads as compared to its competitors.
  • There are no annoying advertisements such as popups and hidden ads that redirect users to 3rd party websites that can infect your PC or mobile with a virus or malware.
  • Almost 50% of the features at gramsave are unique that means that there is not a single competitor on the internet offering similar services like ours.
  • Unlimited Downloads without any risk of getting blocked by our security systems.
  • Regular updates to keep gramsave user-friendly.

Wrap Up:

We hope this introduction about was enough to keep you aware of its features and policies. As we all know the audience on Instagram is rapidly increasing day by day due to its increasing popularity among young people that’s why the policies of Instagram have also been revised which makes it almost impossible for anyone to download anything from Instagram. However; our expert developers at have created this platform with their decades of experience to facilitate you so that you can avoid using any untrusted platforms that are often more likely to be a risk for your privacy and security due to malicious advertisements. You need to understand that gramsave is not affiliated with Instagram officially as it’s a 3rd party platform that operates on its policies and terms. That’s why it’s your utmost responsibility to read the terms and conditions of Instagram while using gramsave so that you can avoid any inconveniences later.